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For Power House & Power House Plus
Silicone Covers

Silicone Covers

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Product ID: SCST-TR618

For Power House & Power House Plus - Silicone Covers

Fit for Power House &Power House Plus.
The soft, washable silicone surface protects your uncased devices.
Removable bumpers make it easy to fit a variety of device combinations.
Changeable covers in various colors brings a lot of fun.
Silicone surface has varied-sized slots & soft removable bumpers so you can fit all your devices during using Power House &Power House Plus.

Stylish and removable covers with Power House and Power House Plus

  • Green
  • Black
  • Gray

Product ID: SCST-TR618
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* Material: Soft silicone
* Colors: Black, Grey, Green
* This quality cover is soft, washable, removable and durable
* Dimension & Quantity: Silicone pad: 136 x95mm(1 pc); Big Silicone cover: 38x57x12mm (2 pcs); Small Silicone cover: 13x13x13mm (6 pcs)

What's in the box

* 1 pc silicone pad
* 2 pcs big silicone covers
* 6 pcs small silicone covers

Packing Info

Pack: W100xH140xD17mm
Pack weight: 80g