Avantree RMA Policy for Consumer

Avantree is committed to provide good quality products for consumer.

(1) Encountering any issue, consumers are suggested to contact for troubleshooting.
(2) Upon defective confirmed, consumers should contact seller / local distributor for replacement / refund per purchasing agreement.
(3) If the seller support window is closed, Avantronics direct RMA Policy is as follows -

Users need to provide the following info -
1. Products are bought from authorised reseller
2. Registered the purchase at within 30 days
3. Clear proof of purchase under 12 months
4. Products are under normal / supposed use
5. No damage​​

Procedure of RMA claim
1. Customer go through troubleshooting with Avantree support and confirmed RMA case. RMA claim submit Here
2. Customer provides proof of purchase (for online purchase, order screenshot is acceptable)
3. Customer follow the procedure to return the main unit to Avantree
4. Customer provide tracking No. of the return as well as full mailing address for replacement
5. Avantree arrange replacement
6. Customer received replacement and confirm and register again.