Avantree Reviewer Group (ARG)

Reviewers might be tech geeks, product specialists or active members in various online communities who have the spirit of sharing knowledge/experience and helping others.

Member in ARG will be,

1. Nearly free sample to test each time a new item comes out
2. 2 years warranty of this testing item to serve its purpose
3. Latest product info as well as priority in suggestion consideration

Do you want to be the first one to test our product before launching and give us constructive feedback and advice? If the answer is YES, please join our ATIG program. Your advice will be used in perfecting our product. As a return, you will not only gain the reward from Avantree, but also a sense of achievement of a new product launch!

Reviewer required (ARG),

1. Willing to use / test the product extensively and provide true feedback
2. You have a history of providing high quality reviews on tech/deal/other renowned platforms, such as major tech websites, blogs, and forums.
3. You are a professional reviewer who is willing to work with us together to improve Avantree products and services.
4. Reviewers are also expected to share your experience/knowledge/reviews/ about Avantree products on Amazon, blogs, forums or other sites.
5. Avantree reserves the right to collect photos and posts from reviewers, and reposts these items on our Facebook or our website.

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