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We are looking for technologists / Mobile accessory fans /distributors to join our big family.

Have ideas of new cell phone accessories? Talk to us …

Tell us what you would like us to come up with. We would like to see great ideas that are new in the market and bring big convenience to people's daily life. In return,
1. You will be incentivized by 10 free products from your idea.
2. You can also receive one FREE new product of every series we produce.

Partner with us

If you are an innovative technician, developer or a designer, but lack of fund to sponsor your idea, why not join us?

We have a respectful brand. We have well-established selling channels. We have big Ready to Buy consumer base. We will create a win-win situation for everyone. You can see your idea be materialized in the best possible way. You can receive direct consumer feedbacks, as well as decent financial benefit.

Partner with us

If you're interested in becoming an authorized Avantree distributor, please join us!

We’re looking for people that are passionate about winning, who believe in our mission and willing to expand Avantree to the global world.
Our distributor program provides product and sales training, promotional materials and technical support. We work with you to help you gain recognition in your local market and deliver a positive customer experience. You’ll learn our products inside and out and become experts in all things that Avantree does.
Please click the Apply Now button, and submit the application form.

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