Multipoint Bluetooth Transmitter


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Product ID: BTTC-418-BLK

Multipoint Bluetooth Transmitter - BTTC-418

Dual Link aptX Low Latency supported transmitter - no lip sync delay for 2 aptX low latency headphones simultaneously, Optical Input, LED Displaying Screen.

Adds Bluetooth capability to audio sources: If you have Bluetooth headphones but your audio device is not Bluetooth enabled, it can be troublesome, right? Well, this multipoint Bluetooth transmitter solves that problem! It effortlessly adds Bluetooth capability to your devices and streams audio to your Bluetooth headphones wirelessly. 

No lip-sync delay: Now you can watch and listen to your favorite shows without annoying lip-sync delay, thanks to this world-first dual-link, aptX low-latency-supported Bluetooth multipoint transmitter. The aptX LL codec has a tiny 40 ms audio delay, which can't even be detected by the human ear! Also, the TC418 is dual-link supported, so you can easily share a film, music or game with a friend. 

Extended Bluetooth range & super-long battery life: There's no need to sit close to your TV/PC/CD-player to enjoy entertainment, as this wireless transmitter works up to a range of 100 ft! And if one movie is just not enough, it comes with up to 16 hours of battery life! 

Optical digital input & 3.5 mm: You're free to choose an audio input mode, both 3.5 mm ( AUX & RCA), and optical digital input is supported. 

Superb sound quality & user-friendly interface: If you'll be using your transmitter with your PC or laptop, you'll get great audio quality thanks to the micro-USB audio input. What's more, you won't need to try to figure out if the transmitter is in pairing mode, connection mode or which codec it's connected to because the one-piece LED screen enables you to check all statuses at a glance! 



Estimated Release Date : August 18th, 2017


Product ID: BTTC-418-BLK
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Outstanding Bluetooth Stereo audio quality;

Audio bandwidth matching CD performance;

aptX low latency technology effectively removing Bluetooth transmission delays. Real audio and video synchronization;

Support two headphones. Share your fun of music with others;

Both 3.5 mm ( AUX & RCA), and optical digital input is supported;

One-piece LED screen displaying all index. 


 Bluetooth Version: 4.2

 Bluetooth Profile: A2DP

 Audio codec: aptX LL, aptX, Fast Stream, SBC

 Operating Range: up to 30 meters  

 Weight: Body approx. 55g

 Size: 67mm X 56mm X 17mm 

What's in the box

1, Avantree TC418

2, Micro USB data/charging cable

3, 3.5mm audio cable

4, Optical audio cable

5, 3.5mm female to RCA male cable

6, User Manual

7, Quick User Guide

8, Contact Card