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    Avantree Products Sales Plan

    You plan to promote and sell Avantree products as a:

    Avantree Reseller Support and Responsibility

    1. Avantree Resellers are authorized to use Avantree logo and marketing material in the way as instructed and will help to keep a healthy brand image in local market.
    2. Avantree Resellers are entitled to order rebate for each order. The rebate amount can be used for selected Avantree marketing materials.
    3. To keep a healthy market, Avantree resellers are expected to respect Avantree MDRP, which is published on For real tough market and competitive product, up to +/-25% of the listing MSRP can be the tolerant level for retail price.
    4. Avantree products were designed, manufactured and controlled with strictly quality standard to achieve 4/5 star consumer review level. Resellers are expected to be responsive and supportive for consumer support. For any incidental un-satisfactory reviews, resellers or their customers need to get in touch with consumer and support them asap!
    5. Avantree Resellers are expected to support local RMA needs and offer efficient / helpful support to local market.
    6. Avantree Resellers are expected to keep Avantronics informed from time to time their sell-through numbers and order plan.