• Avantree

About Us

Mission Statement

To provide simply convenient lifestyle mobile accessories to the market.

Our Believe

Brand can only be a by product when its products bring real benefit to its users.


Who We Are

Exceptional audio should be available to everyone, everywhere.


We understand our customers. We know that sometimes they want to watch their must-see tv show, play their latest video game or groove to their favourite music without disturbing others or being bothered by other noise around them.


So that’s what our wireless Bluetooth adapters and accessories provide: exceptional sound quality at affordable prices – wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.  


Outside and on the move or inside and cosying up at home, our Bluetooth solutions give you utter audio freedom.


Everything we offer is built to last. In fact, we’re so confident in the quality of the products, we offer generous warranties and superb customer service as a guarantee.


We also believe that our audio products should look as good as they sound, so the perfect mix of cutting-edge technology and ultra-modern, elegant design is evident in each and every Avantree product.